Gifted Bliss: A letter from an enthusiast that received PreSomm as a birthday present!

I was given the PreSomm course as a gift. I am a retired software developer who is a DIY foodie. That is, my wife and I love to cook; inviting friends for dinner is our favorite form of entertainment. And that means wine. We've lived in a several wine regions and traveled to more, but really didn't feel that our knowledge was either particularly broad or deep.

So for me, PreSomm was an opportunity to learn about (and taste!) wines from around the world. To acquire enough knowledge to be able to make an informed purchase at a wine store or restaurant. While I understand that I've only scratched the surface, I feel much more knowledgable and in control. It's a great feeling.

Denise brings energy and enthusiasm to the classes, which are densely-packed with information and could be overwhelming without the verve she brings to each evening's session.

I am delighted to have taken the PreSomm course and thoroughly recommend it to others. While the majority of your classmates will be in the hospitality industry, there is plenty here for a wine enthusiast (like me) as well.

Rick Aurbach

University City, MO