A global gift presented with local care!

Something very special happened last week: I got my first "global" PreSomm purchase. Here's a thoughtful testimonial I received after working with an STL resident's brother, all the way in Australia, to surprise him with the course for his birthday <3

"As a gift giver I am always looking for the "just right" thing - "Oh, WOW!" is my applause. It's particularly difficult with adults who have lived long enough to have most of the "stuff" they really want.

I was so glad to have found PreSomm while doing a blind search on sommelier courses. My brother has been a wine enthusiast for 40 years, but always felt his wine education was lacking. Perfect. That still left navigating the logistics from halfway around the globe.

I'm so glad to report that Denise made the gift giving process more than just painless - it was a genuine pleasure working with her. She was extremely responsive and helpful. She went out of her way to make gifting the course easy, even putting together a lovely email gift card/announcement. 

I now look forward to meeting Denise when I next visit the St Louis area, and highly recommend PreSomm as a gift.

And yes, I got my applause...
Rob A.